Underground cable link, Bacharach

As part of its “Energiewende” transition to renewables, Germany needs to build high-voltage power lines so it can transport energy generated by wind farms to its more populous areas. Some of these lines will run underground. Implenia is laying a total of 4.1 km of cable protection conduits around the Bacharach substation in Rhineland-Pfalz using the new E-Power Pipe® method developed by Herrenknecht. These will help in the process of transforming wind energy generated in Hunsrück region and transporting it on. A specially designed tunnel boring machine with a drill diameter of 505 mm is being used in a curved drive to tunnel six stretches of around 700 m each. The project owner is network operator Amprion. The work began in late summer 2018 and should be completed in September 2019. The job gives Implenia’s trenchless tunnelling experts an opportunity to re-establish themselves in the German market and execute a pilot project using a new method for trenchless cable laying. This can be used in future in areas where open trench construction is not permitted e.g. for environmental reasons.

Facts & Figures

Amprion GmbH

Implenia’s role
Main contractor with subcontractors for earthworks and cabling

Special features
Pilot project for trenchless cable laying

4,150 km of drilling for cable protection conduits

Volume of spoil
Approx. 1,000 m3

Installation space
Around 2,500 m2

Start of construction
August 2018

Planned completion
September 2019