Project Excellence & Services

Implenia brings together its group-wide technical capabilities in Project Excellence & Services (formerly the Technical Center) and is developing these capabilities continuously. The focus is on process optimisations, sustainability and environmental protection, health and safety, quality, value assurance and equipment and technology services.

Specifically, Project Excellence & Services includes the following functional units: Safety, Quality, Sustainability and Environment, Lean Construction, Value Assurance and Equipment & Technology Services. Project Excellence & Services makes constant process optimisations in order to drive continuous improvements in Implenia’s technical abilities. As an engine of innovation, it works closely with the operational units to create added value for the whole Group. It also sets the pace in the strategically important field of sustainability, as well as on issues relating to health and safety, and process and product quality.

Lean Construction

Project Excellence & Services helps increase the operational efficiency of the whole Group through centralised networking of processes, expertise, people and methods within projects. It does this primarily by means of standardised processes and Lean Construction, and through the further development of digital construction in close collaboration with the Building Information Modelling (BIM) department.

The principles of Lean Construction are applied as standard in Building Construction projects. Since 2018, the use of these principles has also spread to much of the Modernisation sector, where numerous major conversion projects need methodical planning and execution. The Infrastructure sector and the Norwegian and Swedish units are also working intensively on their long-term business orientation with the help of Lean approaches. In 2019, the use of Lean will be taken even further and networked with other digital tools with the overall aim of making the best possible use of personnel and materials.

Structure of Project Excellence & Services

The Implenia Management System (IMS 2.0) gives the Group a standardised facility for end-to-end project management, from contract acquisition to handover, and through to the post-handover guarantee period. IMS 2.0 improves cooperation within project teams and simplifies communication. In 2018, it was further extended to the Group’s market cultivation. Continuous process improvement across all sectors remains a central task in 2019.

Value Assurance

Value Assurance analyses the opportunities and risks in Implenia’s projects and helps operational units evaluate them. A uniform process was introduced through the Implenia Management System in 2016. This process and the associated tools were further optimised during the year under review. The aim is to identify the projects that hold the most promise for Implenia, raise the quality of subsequent offers, and thus improve the hit rate.

Equipment & Technology Services

The services that Implenia’s depots in Switzerland and Germany provide to set up and supply its construction sites are all brought together within Equipment & Technology Services (ETS). By consolidating technical know-how and by providing services from a single source, ETS can develop tailor-made solutions for the building sites and construction units. In 2018, the focus was on optimising network logistics at Implenia’s depots and expanding the service portfolio. Group-wide equipment pooling, standardisation and centralisation of activities, and pooling of investments all help make the depots and construction sites even more efficient.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Implenia saw a marked increase in demand for BIM services during the year under review, especially from institutional clients. As well as rising numbers, the quality of orders also increased, vindicating the early decision to deploy BIM consistently across Implenia’s self-developed projects. The experience gained on these projects has helped establish Implenia as an expert partner on the market, and has enabled the Group to exceed external benchmarks for BIM, as well as meeting its own internal objectives. Implenia’s status was underlined during the year under review by its ability to secure orders for complex infrastructure projects in Scandinavia and Germany, and by the increasingly integrated digital processes it uses in the private sector in Switzerland, for example.

In 2018, BIM services were provided for over 150 projects in total. These services were used in all phases – competition, tendering, planning and execution – in the BIM2FM sector and in the Digital Investment Model (DIM). This upward trend in BIM use is sustainable thanks to the expansion of skills among users in all sectoral businesses and regions across the Group, as well as within the central BIM team. Further significant improvements in the digital control of planning and execution processes can therefore be expected in 2019.