Bigboy and Tender, Lokstadt, Winterthur

“Lokstadt” is the sustainable, multi-faceted new district that Implenia is developing and building on a former industrial site in the middle of Winterthur. Working closely with city authorities, in 2018 the Group carried out a design competition for plot 1 of the site, which will be focused mainly on residential and commercial usage. The plan is to build around 200 apartments in accordance with “2000-Watt Society” rules and the Minergie standard. Zurich architects EM2N came up with the winning design, which includes two high rise blocks – the 50 m tall “Bigboy” and 35 m “Tender” – along with a link building. The façades of the brick and concrete buildings will be made of materials that reflect the area’s industrial heritage. The visual integration of the ground floor and first floor is also inspired by the industrial halls and warehouses that used to stand here. Between the new buildings and the listed Draisine Hall, an interior courtyard provides an attractive outside space, a short connecting route, and a clear visual separation between new and old. The buildings should be ready for their new occupants at the start of 2022.

© EM2N, Visualisation: Filippo Bolognese

© EM2N, Visualisation: Filippo Bolognese

© EM2N, Visualisation: Filippo Bolognese

Facts & Figures

Usable floorspace
21,000 m2

Building volume above ground
Around 91,000 m3

Sustainability standards
Minergie, 2000-Watt Society

50 m (Bigboy), 35 m and 21 m (Tender)

EM2N Architekten, Zurich

Start of building construction
February 2020

Planned completion
1st quarter 2023