Into the future with a clear vision

Implenia’s long-term success is based on a clear vision and embodied reliable values. Its integrated business model allows Implenia to provide all the services required along the whole construction value chain from a single source.


As a construction and construction services company, Implenia develops and builds the Switzerland of tomorrow by realising innovative projects. In Europe, Implenia aims to actively shape the future of construction and be at the forefront of developing the continent’s infrastructure. The Group makes active use of its many years of expertise in the construction business, providing services that are focused on the market and that meet customer needs. Implenia wants to be the partner of choice for customers and employees. Sustainability is an integral part of this vision. Implenia takes its environmental and social responsibilities seriously – to the benefit of its employees and of coming generations. Only by being a sustainable company can Implenia remain fit for the future and able to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


This vision is founded on common values. These values lie at the heart of a functioning corporate culture that brings together business processes, social responsibility and environmental goals. Our values shape the way people interact with each other within the Group and with our various external stakeholders. Implenia firmly believes that the principles it has formulated facilitate the successful implementation of its vision and strategy.

Implenia follows a clear approach to achieving its medium-term goals, and in so doing creates long-term sustainable value.

  • Consistently focused on customer and market needs
    Implenia wants to embrace the challenge of the project with the customer, always keeping the customer’s needs at the centre of everything. Only by being a reliable partner that understands the customer can we identify shared goals and help produce added value for all concerned.

  • Integrated solutions thanks to “One Company” approach
    Implenia offers the whole range of construction services from a single source, from development to general contracting to execution. By cooperating across all our business units, we can make best use of our internal expertise, exploit synergies and develop tailor-made solutions for our customers.

  • Preferred partner for employees
    Our employees’ well-being and ability to progress is central to our sustainable success, so Implenia offers its people interesting jobs and the potential for personal development. Employees are the key to successful, high-quality customer-oriented services.

  • Sustainable solutions
    A conscious engagement with environmental and social matters is one of the drivers of long-term success, which is why sustainability is firmly anchored in Implenia’s vision and strategy. By providing functioning, sustainable solutions as part of our service, we can ensure long-term value growth.

  • Operational excellence in construction
    Implenia is passionate about building. Targeted investments in the development of lean processes, in IT and innovation drive operational excellence along the whole value chain of a construction project. As the construction industry becomes increasingly digitalised, the main focus is on IT and innovation.

  • Strong financial performance
    Thanks to the synergies produced by cooperation across business units and national borders and to the central functions performed by the Corporate Center, Technical Center and IT, Implenia is in an excellent position to exploit its potential. With the help of strict cost control at the central functions, Implenia is able to produce an impressive long-term financial performance.

Integrated business model

Added value for our customers

  • Optimising the value of existing and new real estate projects and portfolios
  • Customised solutions that focus consistently on our customers’ requirements.
  • Reduced number of interfaces


Seated, from left to right: Anton Affentranger (CEO), Tone H. Bachke (CEO Norge), Beat Fellmann (CFO / Head of Corporate Center)
Standing, from left to right: Christof Gämperle (Head of Business Unit Austria & Romania), René Kotacka (Head of Business Unit Infrastructure), Hans-Dieter Steinbrücker (Head of Business Unit Hochbau Deutschland), Fredrik Björckebaum (CEO Sverige), Adrian Wyss (Head of Business Unit Modernisation & Development), Jens Vollmar (Head of Business Unit Buildings), André Métral (Head of Business Unit Construction Switzerland), Stefan Roth (Head of Business Unit Construction Deutschland)