Corporate Center

Central services for the entire Implenia Group are provided by the Corporate Center, which focuses its work on the needs of the operational units. Thanks to efficient processes, a high level of specialist expertise, and by defining common standards, Corporate Center Group and its central service functions con­tribute directly to value creation.

Implenia brings together the following administrative functions within Corporate Center Group: Corporate Controlling, Corporate Reporting & Tax, Treasury & Investor Relations, ­Procurement, Legal, Marketing/Communications, Business Development and Insurance. ­Human Resources Group and Group IT function as independent units. In response to Implenia’s increasing internationalisation and a significantly stronger position in its German home market, the Group decided to merge the previous loose structure of local corporate units into a single organisation: Corporate Center Deutschland/Austria.

Main focuses in 2017

Integration of Bilfinger Hochbau

The two main focuses during the year under review were the integration of Bilfinger Hochbau and the creation of the Corporate Center for Germany and Austria. The process of integrating Bilfinger Hochbau was closely supported by Business Development. Organisational adjustments and the rebranding of Bilfinger Hochbau were implemented, processes were harmonised and interfaces were defined. The Treasury and Insurance units took over ­Bilfinger Hochbau’s guarantees and consolidated the German Business Units’ contractor insurance ­policies. The Procurement unit defined country-specific purchasing guidelines and brought together supra-national lead buyer functions.

Implenia Suppliers’ Day

In 2017, Implenia invited its most important partners, subcontractors and suppliers to its second “Suppliers’ Day”. Under the motto “successful together”, around 300 guests exchanged views on topics such as compliance, cooperation and contract design. To finish the day, ­Implenia awarded prizes to its suppliers for outstanding achievements in sustainability, innovation and partnership.

Controlling re-organised

Responsibilities for Controlling were reconfigured during the year under review. The Corporate Reporting & Tax unit added the development of financial support for foreign subsidiaries to its existing responsibilities. Working with Treasury, the department also optimised liquidity management by making adjustments to monthly reporting and forecasting. Corporate Controlling built up its controlling function as well as its management and information systems for major projects. There was further rigorous development of the “One Company” approach.

Corporate Center Deutschland/Austria

Corporate Center Deutschland/Austria brings together services tailored to regional requirements in the following areas: IT, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Human Resources, Accounting & Tax, Controlling, Treasury, Procurement, Legal, Marketing/Communications, Customs and Risk Management. These central functions actively contribute to the implementation of corporate strategy, and provide service-oriented support to operational Business Units. As well as having commercial responsibility for the two Business Units in Germany, Dominik Fabry is in charge of Corporate Center Deutschland/Austria.

“Code of Conduct” and Contract Management

Under the leadership of the Legal unit, the process of sensitising employees to Implenia’s “Code of Conduct”, and ensuring compliance with the Code, was further strengthened. The “Code of Conduct” remains one of the most important tools for preventing corruption, upholding competition law and ensuring data protection within the Group. In addition, Implenia set up Contract Management as a new department within Legal. This makes it organisationally simpler to provide active assistance to units requesting, justifying and negotiating contract amendments, order changes and supplementary requirements.

Challenges in 2018

Internationalising and strengthening corporate culture

For the new financial year, the focus remains on the Group’s increasing internationalisation and on continuous improvements to transnational processes and standards in such areas as accounting and transfer pricing. In Procurement, the aim is to exploit synergies as effectively as possible by continuing to build up international cooperation with partner companies and by keeping the Group’s procurement tools up to date. To strengthen corporate culture in an increasingly international environment, Implenia needs to harmonise its intranet landscape still further and build a uniform information platform for the entire Group. Various regulatory changes – such as MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) and the EU’s revised data protection guidelines (GDPR) also need to be integrated into ongoing process development. With regard to Insurance, the Corporate Center is carrying out a total renewal of the insurance portfolio.

Corporate Center organisation


Following the acquisition of Bilfinger Hochbau, all IT systems were integrated in 2017. At the same time, Group IT continued to work on the Group-wide consolidation of systems. Under the project name “Kairos”, Group IT, working closely with the Technical Center, implemented the next step in the company’s digitalisation strategy. As well as introducing RIB iTWO, Kairos also includes the harmonisation of various ERP solutions. These measures are vital to the Group’s ­onward digital development.